Moving from the city to the country, there were many things I was expecting. Such as, lots of mowing, gardening, canning, spiders, raking leaves, chopping wood- but one that I never expected was Walnuts.  

I LOVE walnuts. I love baking with walnuts, I love making candied walnuts. Everything about walnuts is wonderful. And all these years, I’ve hated paying for them. Why is 1 bag of walnuts $8.00?? 

Well, after living out here for barely 1 month, I know have a new found respect for the price of walnuts, and also for our new home. We have 1 major walnut tree right along our driveway that is producing big time. We ignored it for a while, but eventually your driveway looks disgusting and the drive gets really bumpy. 

So I got the brilliant idea to go out and pick them all up and shell them all! 



Making Our Move

To start off this blog, I should give a background of our family.  My hubby, “B” and I have twin boys who are 1 1/2years old now. We have been very fortunate that I have been able to stay at home with them since day 1. Although it is extremely hard work, not only caring for 2 young kids, but also for cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and keeping a tight hold on our budget while only having 1 income. On top of all of that, B has recently gone Gluten Free because of some health issues.  

I am in love with all thinks baking and it is my lifelong dream to open my own bakery. So adding Gluten Free to my culinary vocabulary has been a major challenge, but incredibly fun. 

We recently moved our family of 4 from 1/4acre of land to 8.5acres. We are learning how to chop down our own wood, garden an acre of garden, raising chickens, collecting walnuts and showing our kids how to live off the land and work hard for our food and lifestyle. 


Follow us on our wild and crazy journey in this new lifestyle on E.B. Acres!